MyServices Online Bill-Pay not working

TWC    December 7, 2015 at 9:44 pm billing won’t populate my bill info, profile, or equipment, even though the page accepted my log in.

The webpage new design will not allow me to pay my bill online. Tech support says they can only troubleshoot my connection, and because I have no problem connecting to other websites and paying other companies (utilities, stores, etc.) then they can’t help me because internet connection works so must be my computer.

I never had a problem with old webpage – TWC created the problem with new webpage design and trying to pay by phone not only costs $, but doesn’t get posted, creating double bill the following month plus late charges.

This is why I “cut the cable” (cancelled TV service) and downgraded internet to basic - went from $ 87.00/mo. to $ 15.09/mo.   I won’t put up with poor service and incompetence.

Glad I cut the TV service which was poor - (pixallation issues on most channels, dead channels that were supposed to be alice, STB going out, recordings not made or screwed up).  OTA (over the air) works fine - better picture.

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Re: MyServices Online Bill-Pay not working

Our Social Media Team would be happy to look into this for you. 

Please do contact them for assistance. 


Please include

1. Your account number

2. Your user name 

3. The type of browser you are using/version number

4. Do you have the same result from using an alternate browser? 


Have you deleted your cookies from the browser and tried again?

Please feel free to contact our Social Media Team at any time. Please do not post any 

of the requested information publicly. 


Twitter: @TWC_Help

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Have a good rest of the day!


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Re: MyServices Online Bill-Pay not working

Main browser is Firefox 42.0, have also tried IE and Opera - all are set to automaticallyt delete cookies and history on closing browser.




Re: MyServices Online Bill-Pay not working

same is happening to me.

i have tried chrome and ms edge and internet explorer.


 fyi this is really ridiculous as now i am past due, and no im not paying extra to do over the phone.

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Re: MyServices Online Bill-Pay not working




There is no longer an extra fee.  The extra fee for calling in to make a payment with a live agent has been eliminated.   


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Re: MyServices Online Bill-Pay not working

Never had a problem with online payment from savings a/c until last month. NO ONE figured out what the problem is. I have no problem paying online for utilies or insurance. Tried this month and won't take my payment again. I am so exhausted telling reps my problem & what I'vedone. I checked with bank it's not them. I checked my info it's not that, it's not my phone. Issue must be with their system not mine. So tomorrow I'm calling to find out if they found the problem. They told me in March 2016 that they're not aware of others having a similar problem. Just found this forum with many othets having similar problem. If I get no answers or solutions I probably will be looking into another company for service.