My Account shows no outages

I live in the Kenosha, WI area, and my Internet is currently out. I've already talked with a tech and he says I'm being impacted by:


Unplanned Outage (16/3I128)CDST


That's fine and all, but this outage is not being showed in the "My Account" troubleshooting screen. He says it's been known of for 6 hours, there's no reason for it to not be visible there. The troubleshooting page is useless if it can't even show a 6-hour-old outage, please work on making this system more effective.

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Re: My Account shows no outages

How can you look at that page if there is an outtage? Try resetting cookies/ saved pages and see if the statusses go from green to red...


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Re: My Account shows no outages

Thank you for participating in the Forums. It is accurate to say our My Account page and MyTWC app do not

display outages. 


We thank you for sharing your thoughts on this issue. We will pass that along to our developers.


Should you ever need assistance and wish not to call in please feel free to contact us directly: 


Twitter: @TWC_Help

Live chat via MyTWC® App
or even request a callback via the My TWC® App



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