I recently moved and had my service transferred to my new address. When I went to check my account online, my new account is not listed there. It just has my old account and of course since I'm not living there anymore, it says I do not have service. I have no way to view my service at my new address even though I do have service here. What can I do?
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Re: Moved

When you move you are assigned a new account number, you need to register

for the new account. 


If you would like to use the same username and password we an go in and 

delete your previous profile so you can register and use the same you had before. 


You can contact our Social Media Customer Care for assistance with this. 

Please let them know you moved and would like to have your old My Account

profile deleted so you can re-register on your new account. If you do not 

want to use the same you can go ahead and just register.

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