Editing or deleting payment info from MyAccount

When I pay my bill at TWC MyAccount page, using the One-Time Payment option, not Recurring Payments,  it remembers my credit or debit card or bank account info that has been  entered from previous payments.  There is no option anywhere to edit or delete that info.  When my bank issues me a new card when the old one reaches expiration date, or when they issue a new card with a chip, there is no way to update the account expiration date or code.  I must us the 'Add a new card' link and make another entry of the SAME card with the new expiration date, and then each month, BOTH cards with the same account number appear in the payment options.

There should be an option to edit card info, and there should be an option to delete cards and bank accounts I no longer want to use or don't want stored on TWC's server.  In fact, I believe there are laws requiring web commerce sites to have the option to delete payment info clearly shown on the site, whether the option is to edit or delete, or to write or call to get it deleted.  No such options exist in MyAccount.



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Re: Editing or deleting payment info from MyAccount

Thank you for the feedback, @glenvee.  We will certainly pass this along and see if it can be implemented in future updates to the web site.


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Re: Editing or deleting payment info from MyAccount

Same thing just happened to me and it is very annoying ! Time Warner is the ONLY company that does not allow a customer to update their payment options !!


Re: Editing or deleting payment info from MyAccount

Still the same here.... nothing has been done to address this on the payment site., after 4 months.