Cannot sign in to view account (resolved 09/2017)

Spectrum will not let me sign in with my password. Any time I try to sign in to view my account details I get the error:


"We're sorry,  the info you entered doesn't match our records. Please check your entries and try again."


The only way for me to sign in is to claim I've forgotten my password and then set up a new one. I can view my account at that point until I sign out.  If I try to log back in, I get the same error with the new password.


Re: Cannot sign in to view account

I apologize for the issues with the online account. We were having some issues with online accounts recently. Are you still having an issue? 


Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care
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Re: Cannot sign in to view account

The issue appears to have been resolved. Thank you for your responce.


I hope in the future that 2-factor authentication will be at least an option. The use of security questions to reset a user password can be a liablity for account security.