Can't sign in 10/11/2017

Whenever I try to sign in it just recycles me right back to the sign-in screen. I've only been a customer for 3 months, and other than the time i created my account I haven't been able to log in to the website. I've tried changing my password multiple times!

This is beyond frustrating!


Monica White


Re: Can't sign in 10/11/2017

How utterly horrible is this website you ask? Here is an example:

I'm trying to look up my account information, I enter my ZipCode and Phone Number and get this error: 


Look up your account

Please enter the ZIP code and phone number associated with your account.

ZIP Code
  • Time Warner Cable does not offer service in this ZIP Code. Please check your entry.

However on the Spectrum Home Page when I enter my Zip Code it tells me this: 


Based on your location, we believe your Spectrum service provider is Time Warner Cable®
Looking for information on another provider?

Update your zip code location:


Or refer to the links below for other Spectrum service providers.

Lead Moderator

Re: Can't sign in 10/11/2017

Good afternoon. 


I encourage you to contact support directly. We would be happy to 


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum


review and investigate this for you. 


You will need to provide

Your account number

Your username 

Your browser type (s) and version (s)

Please include the URL for the website you are having trouble with.


Are you able to login at Are you able to login to MyTWC application?


Julia R.
Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care
Lead Moderator-Community Forums


Re: Can't sign in 10/11/2017

When I try to sign in to I get this error: 


Re: Can't sign in 10/11/2017

I finally got someone on Live Chat and was given the answer to my issue. Whenever i would select get username it would tell me my usernam like this: XXXXXX  
When in fact my login username is:

If the website would have told me to add the address part none of this would have happened.