Standard,Guest, Arm level?

Can someone explain the differences between these levels? IntelligentHome is new where I live and none of the technicians seemed very knowledgeable just yet. I think everyone here is still trying to learn how this whole system works. The booklets they give are hardly any help - just basic info nothing more. BTW I Live in Harlingen, Tx


Re: Standard,Guest, Arm level?

They're the tiers of security access.

An arm only passcode allows someone to set the alarm after you leave but not be able to re-enter and disarm the system later, like a contractor. 

 Guest access is a passcode that only you can enable/ disable when logged in on your normal standard access passcode, I don't know if it has restrictions as to disabling zones/ camera's, etc...



Re: Standard,Guest, Arm level?

This information is what I was looking for. Unfortunately, it doesnt thouroughly explain it.


So, if I create a PIN for someone and set it as guest, what specific capabilities does that give that PIN? It sounds like you are saying tat PIN can only disarm the system, but can not thn re-arm it. Correct or no?


I would like to be able to give a service provider the ability to disarm the system without much ado. Then as long as one of the "administrators" of the system sees it in a few hours, it can be re-armed. am I on the right track, or do i need to find another option?


TL;DR: What are the specific access differences between the diferent access code security levels? Specific. I'm a computer programmer, and a customer. I mean specific.