Problems with TWC Thermostat

I just had my service installed and the tech wouldnt install my therostat. so I tried myself and now it keeps draining batteries so we cant control the temp in the house. I only have 4 wires coming out of my wall. any help would be great.


Re: Problems with TWC Thermostat

It's not installed properly, you need to see if your furnace/ AC was wired to standard wire colors and that you programmed the thermostat properly.  There is at least one jumper wire that might need to be added,


 It's also possible your furnace/ ac controller uses logic, not 24 VAC levels.

 Google it's model. Or,

 Do you know a HVAC guy?


Do you have red/ white/ blue/ green wires and have just heat cool fan controls? was the old one a digital control?