Intelligent Home information for advanced users

Dear TWC,<br>First, thank you for providing such a great service to us long time TWC customers.<br>As a loyal customer I do everything in my power to be as informed as possible when it comes to my service. I am writing today to hopefully encourage time warner to allow customers with more technical backgrounds to access more tech sheet information for system components and processes.<br>Obviously releasing too much information could cause vital aspects of the security protocols to be potentially attacked and put users at risk.<br>My request could be satisfied with something as little as a compatible products sheet that lists manufacturer information, such as model numbers, for all products that work with the Intelligent Home system.<br><br>Thank you for your time, and if hope there are many others who agree.<br>I just hope that we can have an option to not be spoon fed extremely watered down information that only appeals to those who have no experience or interest in the field.
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Re: Intelligent Home information for advanced users

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They can't even get the info to their employees...