Constantly having issues...

Have rules set to take picture ANY time system is disarmed sometimes it doesnt...also cameras go down randomly.. As well as I have rule set to text me when it's armed or disarmed... Sometimes doesn't.... Why bother having a security system if it doesnt do what it suppose to

Re: Constantly having issues...

Call them up and have them fix it! You're paying too much for a system that doesn't work properly.

Good luck getting wireless camera's to work a distance from the router....

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Re: Constantly having issues...


I apologize for the frustration you have encountered with your Time Warner Cable service.  Intelligent Home is a specialized service and we do not have access to their tools.  


For assistance, I would suggest that you contact them directly at 1-855-892-4444.


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Re: Constantly having issues...

Cameras aren't wireless they are fed to router. And I believe it maybe in fact be the router and line itself we shall see.