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Please provide links on the new internet home page for local Wisconsin and National News AND Sports.

I have sent this request to TWC multiple times and nothing ever happened. So, now I start asking again to Spectrum.

Note that not everyone wants TV information on the internet home page. I have your TV, phone and internet service. I do not need to know through the internet what TV programs are on. I do not need or want the Celebrity news.

I want to see local and national news items. I want to be able to access all the sports scores.

PLEASE send this to management to request some changes.

Thank You.


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Re: Spectrum Internet home page

We will certainly submit your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to 

come share with us the type of things you would like to see listed there. 


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Re: Spectrum Internet home page

I would suggest you change your default home page to one of your local news channels or newspaper sites.  TWC/Spectrum is, in the end, a television program provider. 


Re: Spectrum Internet home page

Some of the small legacy (ma and Pa) systems had a lot of local features like that.

 TWC/ Spectrum will not cater to or do locals, it's not their business and there's always crying about "the wrong one for a specific zip code"


Re: Spectrum Internet home page

Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but you can change your area in the upper right.