Whole house dvr Recording from non dvr box

Can you add a feature that if you have whole house dvr and only one dvr that from the mom dvr box you can tell the dvr box to record a show. Instead of having to walk all the way to the dvr box changing its channel and recoarding the show you want which you could miss mins from the beginning of the show or if someone's watching something you have to interrupt them. Connivence is key for customers

DVR playback options play-all

I'd like to know if you can add the option if I have a whole series of one show recorded say 62 episodes for my child's favorite cartoon, if you can add a play all feature selection so that all episodes will play one after the other and I don't have to worry about running back to the tv and hitting back scrolling down and pushing play after every one

Ability to edit out your dvr recordings

I'd like to know if you can add the ability to edit the dvr recordings to crop out parts like scenes you don't want to play during playback or cutout clips of the video one it will allow the user to watch what they want with the video and two it will cut the size of the video for long storage so that you don't worry about space.

Cloud Dvr

I'd like to know if you can add a cloud Version of the dvr so that if my dvr box fails and has to be replace I don't lose all my child's favorite shows that I recorded over the years. Or even the ability for the service tech to back up the dvr on site or for us to play for cloud storage backup for our dvr. All in case the dvr goes bad and needs to be replace. Our recorded shows mean a lot to us and anything the company can do to ensure they get saved will keep customers longer just. Features like this will set the company apart from others out there
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Re: Whole house dvr Recording from non dvr box

Thank you for joining us in the forums and providing us with your feedback on the features you would like to have with the service.  One thing you can do is use the Spectrum TV application on a smart phone or laptop if one is handy to schedule recordings provided your DVR is compatible with the service. If you would to check that out you can visit SpectrumTV.com or login to the Spectrum TV application with your TWCID and Password.


We hope to see your continued participation in the forums!


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