The current bill continues to show a due amount even after the bill has been paid/funds applied. Can this be changed to reflect a payment has been paid. Seems like a simple request but this should be done as standard.

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What you need to do is not pay the same amount every month... Paty a penny more so that you can track which month your payment was aplied to.. They beat me out ofone or two months when I paid the same thing for many months in a row. They also want you to pay for service in advance


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At our My Account website you can view recent activity/recent payments. Take a look directly under where it shows the invoice amounts and payments that were received prior to the next invoice being cut and you should see payments listed. 

 if you do not see this payment listed there please do contact us for review. 


We do continue to bill one month in advance, this has been the case both before

and after the joining of our companies. If you do choose to discontinue service 

before the end date of the previous invoice a prorated credit will be returned to you. 



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