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How does one set it up on the first place. The contact Q & A chat was ridiculous.

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First you need to log into the full website. Then hunt under phone features or use search.  I have to admit its not easy to locate but once you do it's simple.

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Here is a link to Support for Voicezone.  It offers step by step instructions for the features that you will find with your phone services.  



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Re: Selective Handling of Home Phone Calls

How about if we just ask for a "skip first ring" option too? TWC ought to be able to wait one ring before passing it thru to us.


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Satch, Thanks, but I already have Nomorobo.  I enjoy Nomorobo but it still rings once.  One time is enough to wake us in the morning.  I simply would like TWC to allow you to block more than 30 calls -- because THOSE don't ring at all.


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I agree !  Thirty is not enough.  I receive so many Medicare insurance calls, it just incredible. 

Also, what would be helpful is a call counter for each phone number on the block list.  If a number has zero calls logged, then I'll know which numbers I can delete and replace with another.

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Re: Selective Handling of Home Phone Calls

Thanks for sharing your ideas with this on what would work better for you! 


We will get these suggestions passed along to our developers.


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Re: Selective Handling of Home Phone Calls

NoMoRobo doesn't even bother trying to block many telemarketing calls.    They never seem to block the calls from the credit card scammers that called themselves Cardholder Services (now also calling themselves Credit Card Rewards Center, and a couple of other names, but all with the same scam).  I don't know if these scammers are paying NoMoRobo to let their calls go through or if they just have some magic new technology that beats NoMoRobo every time, but either way their calls always get through.


Meanwhile TWC (now Spectrum) says we can block anonymous calls -- but that's not quite true.  The anonymous call blocking only works on calls that do have a Caller ID signal showing the Caller ID was blocked by the caller.  It does NOT work on any call that has NO Caller ID signal at all or any call that has any Caller ID other than the standard blocked by caller code.   The anonymous call block does not work on any call with an Caller ID that shows an "invalid" phone number - and you can't add those numbers to Selective Call Handling because Selective Call Handling requires a "valid" phone number.  It seems simple enough that even TWC (Spectrum) ought to understand that a call with NO Caller ID is anonymous, and that a call with an obviously fake (invalid) phone number is also anonymous, but no, they can't seem to comprehend that.


If a call has a Caller ID signal showing an invalid phone number, both NoMoRobo and TWC Selective Call Handling are completely unable to block such calls.  You can't even report the "invalid" phone number to NoMoRobo because they only accept reports about "valid" phone numbers.   And you can't use TWC Selective Call Handling to block these calls becuase TWC also only accepts "valid" phone numbers for blocking.


It seems simple enough that both ought to recognize that an invalid phone number is "anomymous" and spoofed -- meaning that it is almost certainly not just a telemarketer but also an illegal scam.  


Since I am blocking all "anonymous" calls, I would certainly expect TWC to understand that this should include blocking calls with an obviously fake phone number that cannot even exist.  


Likewise, NoMoRobo ought to understand that calls with an OBVIOUSLY spoofed Caller ID are almost certainly robocalls that at least need to be challenged.