On Demand Episode Viewing Status

There is a universe of content available to consumers today. This is a good thing, but can be confusing. The Spectrum OnDemand system does show the status of watched episodes beyond 24 hours. For instance if you have watch three episodes of a six episode season, a progress bar is displayed for the three episodes that have been watched. This progress bar disappears after 24 hours. The problem with is this: if you can't watch episodes from that series again soon after the last it is easy to forget which was the last episode you have watched. This forces customers to have to start watching each episode to be reminded of which ones they have already watched. Since the system already provides the status of watched episodes for 24 hours, this feature should be expanded. It is not a negative for this information to be displayed for indefinitely. The Spectrum system should follow Netflixs lead in that subscribers are provided information as to what episodes have been watched and the ones that have not. I have also gotten poor customer service regarding the payment of my bills. It seems that the fact that I have been able to pay what I have while being unemployed has gone overlooked, and not appreciated.

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Re: On Demand Episode Viewing Status

Thank you for your feedback regarding the On Demand use.   We do appreciate

your taking the time to share what would make your experience a better one.


Thank you!


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