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Increase upload speeds

I live in Wichita Falls, TX and we have 6/30 & 6/100 Mbps available here. Currently I'm on the 6/100 Mbps plan but I'd like to see 10 or 20 Mbps upload speeds. Possibility of Spectrum adding a plan or adjusting the higher tier plan to have increased upload speeds?

Currently visiting family in CA and they're getting 23/235 Mbps speeds with Spectrum. Obviously it varies based on area but I'd like to see this 20 Mbps upload speeds available in Wichita Falls, TX too.


Re: Increase upload speeds

We appreciate the feedback, @Kook, and will certainly pass that along.


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Re: Increase upload speeds

may never happen, they need to split up nodes and with the quantity of customers jumping ship, there is no money to upgrade. Spectrum has actually reduced speeds.

 Coaxial systems do not have the US bandwidth, they have a mere 30 mHz of upstream compared to 500 mhz of downstream bandwidth.