DVR recorded show display

Just switched to Spectrum from a competitor - one thing i noticed  that I liked much better with previous service is how the DVR listing displays programs.

Let me explain - old service, show is recorded and is displayed in list format in bold lettering. I watch the show but do not delete as otehr family member will want to watch it later. After watching, the listing is no longer in bold, but is still in list. Current Spectrum/Cisco DVR listing stays the same after watching. 

i like to delete shows that have been watched by both myself and my wife.

With previous service it was easy for eitehr of us to tell if the other had already watched a show and we could delete it after watching ourselves.

Oh - another thing - and you just fixed this one! Progress bar when playing back a recorded show. Previous service had it, you didn't until earlier this week!  Excellent Smiley Happy

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Re: DVR recorded show display

Glad to hear you are enjoying your new service!


Thank you for your feedback on the DVR and how it helps in your household!


Have a great rest of the day and thank you for your participation in the Forums!


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