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I have recently received an offer to upgrade my cable package.  The new package is more channels than i now receive and faster internet.  Unfortunately, one of the channels that i now have is not on the channel list of the new package.  Also another channel i used to get which went away when TWC became Spectrum is not on there.   The only package that offers it is the gold package, which means it is the most expensive.  I have the package i have because i am on a fixed income and trying to keep my expenses manageable.  The first channel i mentioned is available on the silver package.  I suggest you offer a way to customers wherein they could select which channels they get with their programming.  This would allow them to give up some channels which they don't watch or like to take advantage of those that they do.  You wouldn't be losing anything by allowing customers to have the same number of channels only for the ones they prefer.  i am not going to upgrade to this new package offer because i have already lost one channel i like through no fault of my own and am not willing to lose the other one.  In the world today the customer is no longer always right, and mostly seen as numbers and profit means rather than a person to make even a little happy to keep them.  With so many alternatives today to cable, tell me why i should stay with your company and hand you my hard earned dollar when you could easily switch the channel lineups to satisfy me without losing that profit.  The gold package channel i mentioned is probably on there because it is in big demand so you're going to make people pay for it.  Give us a break.  When the cable industry goes down the tubes you'll wish you had kept the customers happier.


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Don't switch.. Since there's "no contract" there is also no guarantee you will get what they advertised or at the price advertised (read all the fine print)

Only the internet is a good deal, adding in Spectrum TV seems to be worst than anything TWC offered

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Thank you for your feedback.  The position of the channel in our line up and in the 

package is not solely our decision. This is partially part of our negotiation with the 

channel. There are a number of factors involved with this including viewership and

cost of the channel to us.


If you would like to provide us with additional information about the specific channels 

and your zip code we can submit your feedback on the packages. 


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My zip code is 44601.  The channels i refer to are TCM, channel 53 on my lineup, and TVLand, channel 52 on my lineup.  TVLand is now only offered as part of the gold package triple play.  i cannot afford to pay for that package.  If i would switch to the package that is being offered with more channels and better internet, i would lose TCM because it is not on that package.  It is only offered starting with the silver package.  There are any number of channels i would gladly give up to be able to receive these two in their place, ESPN channels being some of them.  Thank you for replying to my suggestions.

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Thank you for the information.  We will submit your request to our programming team.  


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