Can I go to any Spectrum cable store?

My cable system is based out of Rochester, NY and the nearest store to my house within that cable region is in Geneva. However, I work in Ithaca, NY and they're part of the Syracuse, NY system. Could I still go to the store in Ithaca to do things like adding or subtracting services, exchange boxes, remotes, or do I have to go to the Geneva store? This question is in regards to making life easier for me so I don't have to go out of my way to get cable business done.


Thanks to anybody who knows.

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Re: Can I go to any Spectrum cable store?

Doubtful. Each store supports a specific region. You can only do business at a store that supports the region from where the account is active.


Re: Can I go to any Spectrum cable store?




The Rochester market and Ithaca market would be part of different billing systems so the Rochester/Geneva accounts would only be accessible within the Rochester/Geneva footprint and the same goes for the Syracuse/Ithaca footprint.


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Re: Can I go to any Spectrum cable store?

There are no local billing systems so it shouldn't matter since everything is off a national server system.   I am on the Akron system and since they foolishly closed the Macedonia office, I go up to Cleveland with no problems rather than to Kent or Akron which can be an hour + drive


Go to the store, see if they can bring up your account.


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Re: Can I go to any Spectrum cable store?

Perhaps I can explain it in a different way.  If the customer wanted to add or subtract services the equipment involved in that transaction is part of a different system. The ithica equipment can not be used on the Rochester network.  The inventory is separate for each area.  @MsRaye we have different areas in Ohio that would fall under the same example, for instance Northeast Ohio, Southwest Ohio etc. equipment from the different areas cannot be used or returned in an alternate area.  If our customers wish only to handle billing questions, payments, questions about available products and pricing a store location in a different area would suffice. 


I hope that helps clear the question up for the OP.


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