Bring Back the Spectrum weather radar channel

Recently, I tuned in to Spectrum's local/regional weather radar channel (channel 23 in Fostoria, OH), only to find that it was no longer there; it also was no longer listed on the TV Guide channel list. I call tech support, and they did confirm that Spectrum has dropped that channel.


I would very much like to recommend that Spectum restore that channel. As an avid weather watcher, having the round-the-clock radar, which I would have on (when significant weather is occuring or is on the way) while doing other things, or which i could quickly check without having to log on to my computer to check it via the internet, was very handy. It was also a valuable safety resource in times of severe weather, as I could look at the radar and see a big storm coming my way well before an actual warning was issued for my location. I do still get The Weather Channel (one channel that I do watch a lot), but they don't always have radar on, especially when they have feature programming on in the evening. 


Overall, I am quite happy with Spectrum...I especially like the must faster internet speed as compared to what I had with Time Warner. But, please...PLEASE...bring back the radar channel. Thank you!

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Re: Bring Back the Spectrum weather radar channel

Thank you for bringing us your feedback on the channel. We would also 

suggest your submitting your feedback here: channel-feedback


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Re: Bring Back the Spectrum weather radar channel

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Thanks for getting back with me, Julia. Smiley Happy I will be sure to do as you suggest. Have a great Easter!