Still more ongoing issues...

Working on two years at a new apartment with terrible service. The building has bad wiring except for my apartment which is brand new. Was told that they are about to declare my building a "No Service Call" Building which means "We'll take your money...but we will never fix problems...even ones that we create." The last time someone came out was 2 weeks ago on Wednesday (March 8). At that time, my Uncorrectables were fairly low..ranging from mid 20s to low 40s. Yet I was still getting bad interference, digital pixelation, audio cutting out, etc. on several channels every night around midnight that went on until I went to bed. It was usually fine (or much better) during the evening.


The tech supervisor that came two weeks ago isolated my line from the others in the building. I have my own now, while the other 5 apartments are sharing one. However, this not only DIDN'T help, it made it worse. Much worse. Immediately, I noticed that while my usual problems were not any better, my cable box started running VERY slowly. Like a 5+ second lag between pressing Page Up/Down and the guide actually scrolling up or down. But now it is much worse. The slowness on the box is still coming and going, but now, the bad issues with pixelation and audio cutting out are happening on ALL channels and at ALL times of the day. And it is not just for awhile then it goes away. It is completely constant. Totally unwatchable. To the point where I actually had to put an antenna on my TV to get the 4 channels I can actually pull out of the air.

I checked my diagnostics and was floored to see my Uncorrectables in the tens of thousands range. Most are about 30,000 with a few around 10,000 and some as high as 49,000.  Throughout these two years here with the terrible signal, I have checked this many times and have NEVER had it show more than 1000 in any channel. And late last year when I was still having issues, they were all 0. So to see it go from 20-40 for each one to 20-,000-40,000 for each one as the result of their "fix" really floored me.

IT took a lot of convincing, but I THINK I finally made it clear to the support that I needed to make sure the SAME GUY came back to undo what he did. At least with the old issues, while it was annoying if the problem appeared on a show I wanted to watch, I could always find some channel to watch that wasn't giving issues. Now, I can't do that. The supervisor gave me his card and told me to contact him directly if the problem got worse, but is not responding to either phone messages left, or e-mails.

What should I be asking for or even demanding? I am starting to think that putting me on my own line is worse. I know the interference is NOT limited to my building.  The support person a few months ago ran off a list of about 8 addresses in a half block radius that all had multiple service calls in the last 6 months. So clearly there is a problem with my node. So is it possible that being on my own line, now ALL the crap that is coming back to that node is backflowing into my line and since I am the only one on it, I take it ALL, rather than "sharing" that interference with others? Would it be better to ask to be put back on a shared line, perhaps with the two apartments that only have internet but no phone or cable? I don't know if they would be less likely to feed interference back. OR would they be able to determine which lines have the least interference and put me on with them?

I am just getting frustrated. IT seems Spectrum would rather customers cut the cord than fix issues. I LITERALLY had a retention guy...someone's whose sole job is to KEEP customers tell me "Why do you want to stay with us if your problem has been so bad?" To be honest, it seems like Spectrum wants to encourage cord cutting in general. At least cable. With their outrageous cable prices, forced bundling of premium channels (I wanted Encore, they said I would have to get the Gold package which includes EVERYTHING) as well as the forced upgrade to 60 Meg download speeds which is about 4 times more than anyone would need unless they are streaming a lot.  As well as getting rid of the Double Play package and forcing people to buy the digital 2017 when no one wants it. (That is, of course why they got rid of the option. This way no one can CHOOSE to save the $30+ a month by not having it.) So I am just trying to figure out what to do now I am staying on my grandfathered TW package for as long as I can, hoping that they are forced to make changes since my state's attorney general is vigorously investigating a lot of shady TW practices that Spectrum has only made more shady.) But if they won't fix my current situation, I will literally have to drop cable and have nothing.  I am not paying $100+  a month to hear every other word of a program with bad pixelation. I got that enough in the early 80s when I didn't have cable and my roof antenna was crappy. At least that was free.


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File with your states BBB/ Cable tv comission /attorney general and the FCC.

 This may very well be issues out on the street that they're unwilling to troubleshoot or repair.

It probably needs the bucket truck crew out rather than the in building ones

Can you take a photo of the line tap off and grounding block? I'd start there...

 In the mean time, copy and paste the signal level and error log pages, without a reset...

 By some chance , does your area have 2 totally seperate electric service suppliers?

We have some serious issues in the City of Cleveland when TWC is bonding ground to the wrong one....



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Well..they finally got my landlord to agree to let hem rewire the building (for free) and then proceeded to to give an 82 year old tenant a hard sell to get to to more to the ridiculously expensive Spectrum package saying "Don't you WANT higher speed internet" Yeah...because an 82 year old use spends 5 minutes online with just Facebook and mail really needs to pay your forced upgrade to 60 Meg download...which in our area will only give about 30 anyway which is why they are under investigation with the state AG since even people that were paying for 100 Meg download were getting only about 30. (It REALLY (edited)  me off when company use service calls for problems as an attempt to upsell.) I still don't get why Spectrum is trying to get people so used to streaming video (unless they plan on implementing a data cap soon) which wil only make it more likely that they will cut the cord on cable with their extremely high prices for that. And hell...even if she DID stream..she is in a one bedroom apartment...with an old CRT TV! Even if she wanted to stream HD TV, the 30 Meg Time Warner package is still more than enough.

They also DIDN'T want to do my apartment since I have new wire already but I told them that they need to because I don't want my current set up which has it running next to the heating pipe, and long a bunch of electrical wiring, and grounded to the same grounding wire as the buildings heating exhaust fan and other high drain devices that creates interference when they kick in.

I am not convinced that this will totally fix the problem whenever they actually get around to doing it. (Still 2 feet of snow and ice behind the building with large pointy icicles falling every 5 minutes.) They won't admit it, but I KNOW there are issues street level. There is no way a customer service person would have admitted that over a half dozen people on my block had multiple issues if it wasn't true. She probably got in trouble for admitting it even with it being true.

To show even more how ridiculous they are. They guy that apparently came today (I wasn't here) had been calling me like twice a day last week just to tell me that they were trying to set up this meeting with the landlords, and then to tell me that they agreed to the meeting, and then another one on Friday repeating that there was a meeting.  And yet he didn't think it was important to call and leave a message to tell me that the meeting went well and that they were going to do it. So...planning on setting up a meeting, and just setting up a meeting with the landlords warranted multiple phone calls each...but actually getting  something accomplished was not something that he felt he needed to pass on to me. I'm glad my neighbor told me about hearing them say that my apartment didn't need to get done so I could call HIM to make it clear they needed to rewire it

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I apologize for the frustration and the ongoing service issues.  If the issue remains unresolved, please contact us at Forums_Help for assistance.  


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