Service Call and Advanced tech service

I am getting tired of your advanced technical service calling my house to try and get me to cancel my service call to check the lines coming to the house because of pixelation, channel loss, internet loss.

He calls several times a day to try and get me to cancel it because he can "magically" fix a line problem by looking at his computer screen.

The costumer support is getting worse, and less intelligent, by the day while pricing goes higher.



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Don't reset your modem, copy and paste the signal and error log pages.

On the cable remote, hold in the select for 10 seconds then hit the up arrow.. What are the levels and s/n there?

I agree, there is no phone fix for intermittent problems other than for you to make sure all connectors are a tad more than finger tight and no more splitter ports than actual devices, or open ports, surge outlet strips in the coaxial path, corrosion, etc.



Re: Service Call and Advanced tech service

One thing I can suggest is that when you are having the service issues write it down in a log, after several days see if you are having the same issues around the same time of day. You can also get on your pc and use any speed test such as twc.com/speedtest or charter.com/speedtest and there is a 4th measurement that will tell you how much noise is on the network. If there is a large amount of noise (anything really above single digits can cause disruption) then that may be what is causing the issue. Noise typically comes from things such as loose fittings, old/low quality tv's (like the mickeymouse tv/vcr/dvd combos), or even low quality chords. It may not even be coming from your house, it can be anyone further down the line than your house thats creating feedback and causing your reduced quality. Ruling that out can  take a couple days but help answer your question because it may not be something that a Tech can see when they are at your home if the source is not on.

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Do not cancel that service call / troublecall (TC) if you're still having issues, please.

  Pixilation can be caused by a number of root causes, but primarily & typically it's either: an ingress-related leak causing noise, and/or too low receiving/forward/downstream signal power.  You cannot resolve pixilation with rebooting the box.

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Re: Service Call and Advanced tech service

it has to be only me knowing what's going on, accorind to the tech that came out and checked lines, he replaced ends on cable, didn't messup for the 5 minutes he looked at it. happened again, tech service said get a new box, did that, still does it. so guess this is the kind of service the $200+ a month will get you when you have no other choice for tv or internet in the area.

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I encourage you to contact us directly at TWC_ForumsHelp so that this can 

be looked into further. 


I am sorry that the tech visit did not resolve the issue. We would want 

to continue to investigate this issue and have it resolved for you.


Thank you!


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