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Ever since I got the new "updated" cable boxes, every show I record is of horrible quality: skips, pixelated, hum, freezes, etc.  This is every show in any channel. I've tried watching while recording to know that it wasn't broadcast in this poor quality. This happens with both of my new boxes. Anyone else having this problem?


Re: Recording shows

Have you had a technician out to check the signal levels?

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Re: Recording shows

Right off the bat this is sounding like you may have a box that is having a problem recording to the DVR.


Do this:


Program your Box to record something, then watch the live program. Then play the recording and watch the same thing over again.


If there are issues with the recording, thats a problem with the box and you need to swap the DVR. 


If there are issues with both recordings, then you have signal issues and a technician needs to check your service signals.


Added bonus, could you post your signals or a picture of the signals? Press "Settings" then "Left Arrow" and select Box Diagnostics. Could you tell us what the Corr/UnCorr errors and FDC/RDC signals are? or post an image of that screen?



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