Pixelation during NFL games

Is anyone experiencing poor reception and pixelation while watching football games? It doesn't seem to happen with any other channel.

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What are you using to connect to cable?



Re: Pixelation during NFL games

Having lots of trouble with lower channels in southern Maine. On my second cable box. No problems with upper channels 41 and up. Anyone else from southern Maine having issues.


Re: Pixelation during NFL games

Were you using the twc app?

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Re: Pixelation during NFL games

I know this is an older topic, but just as a technical operation comment, you can have pixelation issues resulting from weak signal on specific channels that don't seem to affect other channels because the frequency of some TV channels are going to be different.  Something that is affecting the low-end frequency spectrum might not be having any issues at all on the high end of the spectrum.


So for a real-world, hypothetical case example:

let's say ESPN in your area is being carried on 57 MHz and ABC is on 315 MHz.  You never having pixilation on ABC because it's signal power level always is staying above -8 dBmV.  But ESPN on 57 MHz is below -15 dBmV by the time it gets to the cable box, and that is because there's an issue with the amp feeding the street that your utility tap is on and needs to have the padding adjusted by the maintenance techs.  Would have to have a field tech scheduled to come and visit your home (inside & out) first to determine what is causing it. 

My point is that you absolute can have issues with pixilation with specific channels rather than all channels, and to find & fix this it will require a field tech to come out and investigate why (a troublecall, a repair service call that has to be scheduled). Sometimes it's a simply as a single bad fittings that just needs to be fixed, and then it's all good. Other times it's more complicated.

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