Pixelation and intermittent reboots of server to a 5g connection.


Re: Pixelation and intermittent reboots of server to a 5g connection.

This keeps happening to me on the tv with the the box. I am going to switch companies if they don't fix this soon.
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Re: Pixelation and intermittent reboots of server to a 5g connection.

You have a signal issue going to your box. It could be the line anywhere from the street to your box, including any loose connections at the outlets.

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Re: Pixelation and intermittent reboots of server to a 5g connection.

Not on the clock now, but I think I can jump start this if the topic start will play ball.


Pixelation happens in digital TV when "errored seconds" occur.

"Severely errored seconds" will cause the picture to freeze/pause.

FYI: Analog TV doesn't pixelate, it does other weird things (like hum noise, color skew, snow static, etc.)  So the pixelation will always be a digital issue of some kind.



What causes errored seconds?  

The signal is too weak compared to the background noise.

There's always some background noise, but we want to eliminate as much as reasonably possible.  And signals fluctuate, but we want the power of the signal to be sufficient and in a good range of not to high or too low (but a bit too high is always better than a bit too low).  
Without getting a whole lot more technical, this is concept is summed but as a measurement called SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) and the dBmV (power level of the signal, relative to 1 millivolt).  Charter, Comcast, etc... we all use power levels that are in the nW (nanowatt, billionth of a watt).  It's fast, not dangerous, and can carry a lot of information simultaneously.  But it's also a whole lot more sensitive than coax was back in the 1960's and 1970's.  That's why quality fittings and such matter.  That's why ingress leaks matter.




1.  Questions for you, the customer, things that need to be added to the workorder notes:

  • What specific channels are you seeing pixelation worst?  Can you give like a top 3?
    (this will help figure out which EIA carrier frequencies should be checked for a possible maintenance issue)
  • What times of day is this happening?   Any pattern?
    (i.e.: I had a customer yesterday that told me that it happened worst at 7-9 AM  and 8-10 PM which logically corresponds to temperature changes outside)

2.  Now call in about getting a troublecall, can ask the CSR the questions in the next step.


3. Questions for the CSR (customer service representative) on the phone to troubleshoot:

  • What are the signal levels of the equipment?  Remember that too weak is actually worse than too high because of SNR (signal-to-noise ratio).  Would rather have too much signal than too little.
  • If the equipment isn't cable of tru2way (and Charter is starting to require this, one reason being cases just like this) then how old is that equipment really?  Is it past time for it to be upgraded?
  • We are talking about a TV with a cable box right?  Because boxless is going away and won't be supported in time.
  • Any patterns?  Is the signal level fluctuating a lot?  (by a lot I mean like more than 5 or 6 dBmV with daily temperature cycles)


4. Questions for the field tech:

  • What's the ingress leakage reading?  Is there less than -30 dB noise at least?
  • Any ingress under the QAM carriers for the affected channels?
  • MER issues for the affected channels?
  • Pre or Post BER issues for the affected channels?
  • Does an amp need to be installed if signal levels are weak?  We want to have sufficient SNR afterall...
  • If an apartment/condo/retirement-home/other-MDU-type, do we need to request a post-wire access from the landlord?  Does the customer have the correct landlord contact info.
  • What's it like from the tap?  Is there a need for a maintenance SRO?
  • Was a maitenance SRO before? (well, technically that last one is question the tech would have to ask Dispatch)


If all these questions are answered, you'll almost certainly get your problem fixed.  Lack of communication will not lead to resolution.  I've tried to simplify things, I sincerely hope my effort help you out (or anyone else reading it).  Smiley Happy


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