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Phone and Chat Reps Need Better Training About Channel Pixilation!



Time and time again when people are having problems with channel pixilation they report that the phone or chat rep will recommend a reboot and a swap of the box.  PIXILATION IS ALMOST NEVER THE RESULT OF A BAD BOX, AND IS ALMOST ALWAYS A SIGNAL OR DROP LINE ISSUE!


Box swaps will never solve pixilation issues .  This is true about 95-98% of the time.  Even if your reboot of the box clears the issue, it will only be temporary, and will come back within hours to days.  If your channels are pixilating, these reps should NOT be saying "Reboot your box"  Nor should they be saying "Replace your Box."  They should be saying,  "We need to set up a service call for a signal and drop line test".  If the box has been rebooted recently, the error codes on the CSR's screen will show zero.  A reboot of any boxes, modems, or routers, resets the error codes, and customers, you don't want to reboot your boxes due to pixilation for this reason:


If your channels are pixilating for more than twelve hours, here is what to do:


1.) Contact Spectrum for a signal and drop line test.


2.) Don't reboot any equipment for at least six hours prior to your service call, as this resets the error codes, and the tech needs to see those codes for an accurate signal reading.  This includes boxes, modems, and routers


3.) Tune to the channel(s) that pixilate the most when the tech is there.


4.) Ask the tech to check the drop line, main tap, as well as inside and outside wiring.


5.) The box should always be the last thing to be replaced in a pixilation troubleshoot call, never the first.


Please forward this information to Customer Service Management at the Corporate level, so that the chat and phone techs can be retrained in this area.