New tv picture issues.

Just went from a standard old style tv (big square monster with only a antennae in connection) to a new 32" Westinghouse 720p with antennae input (which is what I have the cable box connected to) and three HDMI inputs, one of which has my Apple TV plugged In to it. Apple TV picture is amazing. However on cable input the picture is less than stellar. Seems to be a bit snowy. Good from a distance of about 6' but noticeable up close. I did notice that the tv instructions say NOT to use an antennae input for cable tv but to use an hdmi input. Is this my issue? If so, do I need a different box? Is one available? Is it more to rent? My current box only has the standard cable in and out. No other boxes or splitters, just the one tv.


update - Thanks for all the help everyone. Turns out the cable box had an HDMI port hidden under a sticker (to keep it clean maybe?) that was the same color as the box. Didn't even see it until I really examined the box. All hooked up and great quality pic. Just had to gomget HDMI cables because the equipment didn't come with.


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Get a new cable box, what you have must be 15 years old

Doesn't it at least have component video outputs? (5 rca  connectors)?


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Yeah if your cable box doesn't have an HDMI output it's not just old...it's ancient.

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Box was installed with new service 2 years ago....


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Crusso1 wrote:

Box was installed with new service 2 years ago....

What does that have to do with anything?


It cerainly has nothing to do with the age of the cable box TWC provided to you with your new service.

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It could be significant.  Since the TV from 2 years ago was a Standard Definition old CRT unit, the installer might have decided, "Hey -- no need for a HD box here, I can give this customer one of the old SD boxes I've been carrying in the back of my van for the past 6 months".


So yes, the original poster wants to exchange the SD box for an HD box and use the HDMI output of the HD box to connect to their new HD TV.


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I agree with RickE, It's well worth swapping the box out. The easiest method is just take your current box into a store and tell them you want to swap it out for a new hd box. That way there is no chance of a tech losing the equipment and its checked in right away, then you get the box right away. You would just take it home, hook it up, and let it run through the boot process and you should be good to go. I would definatly suggest that you use a HDMI cable which you can get from the store for free as well. Just make sure that all your fittings are tight as you put the new box on  going from and to the box as well as the tv. Let us know if that does not help.

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Updated in original post....

Found the HDMI port hidden under a sticker. Then added a sound bar. Works great now.

thanks for all the suggestions!