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NHL Center Ice

There have been a few recent threads about NHL Center Ice and two big issues: 1) horrible picture quality, and 2) no access to NHL-TV which is supposed to come with Center Ice.


These posts keep disappearing.  Rather than deal with the problems,  Spectrum chooses to censor complaints.




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Re: NHL Center Ice

Solve the problem by not subscribing to NHL Center Ice and just watch the games on - formerly NHL GameCetner - where you can pay-by-the-month and cancel if you are not satisfied.  (It was $24.99 per month when I last subscribed).  You can use a Roku to watch on your big TV.   You are guaranteed to view HD feeds.  HD is not guaranteed with cable, as it is likely not possible for them to dedicate the badwidth for all the HD feeds of all games on any given day.


This is how I subscribed when I was out-of-market for 2+ years.

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Re: NHL Center Ice

Thanks for responding.  I tried NHL.TV, but due to the location of my TV and router,  it was not that good for me.  I wish it was. 


The Center Ice broadcasts were perfect for the first half of last season, then something changed.  I believe the issue is more expense management than bandwidth availability, but of course I have no proof.  A Spectrum rep told me that they are aware of the problem as is the NHL,  but they point fingers at each other.


NHL Center Ice advertises crystal-clear HD, and free access to NHL-TV games.   I get neither.