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Re: My cable tv keeps cutting in & out among other things

To even insinuate it is any but spectrum failing is preposterous

My area was one of the first TWC areas to make the switch to Spectrum. While I'm not defending any company's business practices, I have had ZERO issues. So for me to say everything has gone to #$%^ under Spectrum is just not accurate.


People complain about their specific issues, most of them totally unrelated except for "ever since the switch to Spectrum" line that only serves to distract from the actual problems a customer is experiencing. Yes, there are techs out there that are inexperienced, lazy, ignorant, etc. That is true everywhere. I also know that apartment buildings are split 1000 ways from Sunday and usually have horrible line and signal problems because the cost to rewire since the building was originally wired (20, 30 years) is just to great for some to take on.


Re: My cable tv keeps cutting in & out

I'm near Charlotte NC, and both my TV's started the same pixelation dance about 3 - 4 weeks ago, but it seems my Internet was up and running normally when these issues occurred. One TV is on the HD box, and one is on the smaller converter box. At first it was random channels for short periods, and all would clear up. This past week it has morphed into multiple channels going to black screens for several hours or I get a message to call about my service interruption. Signal strength shows good to very good from Spectrum tech support office. Fast forward to today... I have new cable boxes, new remotes, new connectors at the house box, new connectors at the road, new underground cable from road to house. All was good for about 24 hours, and now I have the same issues. 

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Re: My cable tv keeps cutting in & out

If you are seeing multiple channels going to black screens for several hours, or a message to "call about my service interruption," Spectrum is going to tell you that your DTA 'converter box' has to be replaced by a full HD set-top box, ccompanied by an increased monthly rental cost.  This change was announced earlier in a notice they included as part of a previous monthly bill.  

Spectrum is converting their cable systems nationwide to utilize full digital TV signal encryption as a way to decrease signal theft, also known as video piracy.  A growing number of content providers are insisting on this so they can collect their copyright and syndication fees.  This allows production crews and performers to be fully paid for their work. 


Re: My cable tv keeps cutting in & out

This thread has run amuck due to the numerous complaints and are not helping the original poster one bit.

If you are in an old apt building and it was not rewired within the past 15-20 years, You're pretty much out of luck. Coax must be quad shielded RG6 and all lines need to run to a common location, like the meter rooms.

 If this is an old building pre 1970, It's wwired for a MATV system and used RG59.. Will not be reliable over 450 mHz if that. Many used UHF to vhf converters as the systems wouldn't pass the 470-870 mHz uhf channels in analog mode. Dead giveaway are splitters marked 50-400 mhz and old building tv guides that only showed ch's 2-12

There is no good solution other than for data, to install modems with moca outputs in the meter room and then use a moca to ethernet device in that  modems suite.  Moca runs at 1200 mHz and won't make it thru more than 100-200'' of rg 59, lol

 I've seen plenty of 2-10 story buildings that ran the cable TV after the fact on the outside of the building from roof down, but that's not an option for hi rise ones, lol.

Even fiber is a worst challenge.