My cable tv keeps cutting in & out


Re: My cable tv keeps cutting in & out

OK, what did TWC tell you when you called them?

copy and paste your signal level and errror log pages for a start, don't reset the modem, we need to see real history.



Re: My cable tv keeps cutting in & out

Unfortunately trying to figure out what your actual problem may be based on this is like your doctor trying to correctly diagnose your illness based on "It hurts" without any other info.


Re: My cable tv keeps cutting in & out among other things

From TWC to Spectrum


It Has Become a Challenge Now to Watch TV, We never had these problems under TWC and this isn’t specific to one cable box, it’s doing it on both cable boxes. All these problems began after we converted and a major software change happened.


  • It is now more pixelated even when there is no storm, every show seems to break up—sometimes it’s so bad the screen goes black and eventually comes back on but you’ve lost part of what you’re watching


  • Shows we’ve chose to record appear on the screen but when you open them nothing is there, says it’s unavailable—but if you go into the Series Manager and open them up there, it’s available
  • At least one show that I have set as a recurring recording now shows up but it’s in Spanish and there is a locked symbol on it. I can’t go in and delete it anywhere
  • Start over feature is no longer there
  • The sound goes in and out
  • We might be fast forwarding something and it won’t stop. The picture keeps going but it shows the timer isn’t moving, and when you get out of it, the recording starts from the beginning.
  • We will be watching something recorded and it acts as though it skips a frame.
  • When someone is talking on a recorded show, some words just drop out.

 Don't tell me to reset the cable box, we've done that numerous times.


We really hate this new system and doesn’t seem we have a way to fix it now that we’ve converted to Spectrum.