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MeTV image vertically stretched

Hello. I am in the Charlotte, NC, market. Two weeks ago images on the MeTV channel became vertically stretched with expanded pillar bars to the left and right. This affects 4:3 programming as well as 16:9 programming (mostly commercials). Even the 16:9 images are vertically stretched and have black pillar bars - something that has not been the case with this channel before. MeTV images on the Spectrum app appear as normal - this is only a problem with the cable boxes. I realize programming produced in 4:3 aspect ratios have pillar bars but these are now extreme and the images are vertically stretched. I can use the aspect button on the remote to re-size the image but it becomes somewhat blurry and is only a temporary fix anyway. Can Spectrum look into this? I have already contacted MeTV. 

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Re: MeTV image vertically stretched

We apologize for any poor experience.  If the issue is not resolved, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


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