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I was so excited when I saw that we were finally getting a new CW affiliate for TWC in the Hilton Head Island, SC area. I have not been able to watch CW shows live for years due to the poor to unacceptable broadcast by WGSA. Unfortunately, the new WSAV affiliate is even worse.


Neither channel 13 or 1215 being broadcast in HD, despite being listed as HD on both company websites. The picture quality is fuzzy and there are black bars  all around the image. It sounds like this is an on-going problem in many areas that really needs to be addressed.  I'm just exhausted with never being able to watch one of the primary networks live.

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Re: CW in HD

Not a TWC problem, contact both stations engineering departments and complain. this is a common CW issue, ours here is also poor.


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Re: CW in HD

I would check the connections and wiring - if all that is good, call in to customer service and tell them what is going on. they should be able to check on the signals and put in something to the networks as well. Robot Frustrated