AMC Poor Quality Video

Time Warner needs to get squared away. It looks like absolute garbage even though it's in HD. It looks more like 480p upscaled and that's being generous. I've seen better quality standard streams on vudu then the trash time Warner puts out on the cable box

Re: AMC Poor Quality Video

What tier are you paying for and is this thru a cable box or a direct connection?

 Does it fill the full screen or is it letterboxed?

does your system still run lo res on xx channels and HD on -1xxx channels?

AMC/ TV land/ Grit, MeTv run a lot of old analog movies that are poor quality video of films. Your beef may be with them not the cable co's 

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Re: AMC Poor Quality Video

AMC looks just fine on my system. Is AMC the only channel you're having issues with?


Re: AMC Poor Quality Video

We are on 3 different head ends and it's doubtfull they are configured/ connected the same....

In most cases, the IPTV streams are of better quality than the cable box images.


The question I forgot to ask is "where are you?"