Invoices no longer available when account is closed

I cancelled my cable TV account and now I can't finish downloading the invoices for  my TWC cable TV services.   I changed to online invoicing quite awhile ago which worked very well but they immediately cut off my access to my invoices as soon as I cancelled my cable TV and returned my digitial box.   I can't even download my last invoice!


These invoices should be available at least for a certain time period (ie. 6 months) so that I can finish downloading them for my own purposes.  I understand that I no longer have services but there's no reason TWC/Spectrum couldn't let previous customers have restricted access to their invoices online for a certain period of time.

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Re: Invoices no longer available when account is closed



Online statements are provided through your My Account.  Once the account is closed, the My Account ID, which also provides access to other features, such as the Spectrum TV app, is deactivated.   Statements may be available at your local TWC store, depending on how long it has been since the account was cancelled.   


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Re: Invoices no longer available when account is closed

Once you cancel your account, your online account cancels as well as well as twc email address if you even use one. This is a security measure so that nobody has access to your account once your no longer a customer. if you need those bills, you need to contact customer care so they can get those emailed to you or mailed to you.