Cannot cancel service via internet

I have been trying to cancel my service since Feb 8th, when I went to Afghanistan.  Time Warner offers no way of cancelling it online; you have to call them, so they can try to talk you into something.  There is also no way of emailing Time Warner.  I have no phone access and the network here usually blocks forums but somehow I got through this time. 


I believe this is poor business practice by Time Warner.  I am not paying for any of the cable fees after February.  Can someone tell me how to contact Time Warner?  I am very dissappointed that there is ZERO way of contacting them via email or cancelling my service through "My account" online.  If this doesn't get fixed I will never go back to this company and will incourage others in the military to do the same.


If I get no response for this from Time Warner I will go through Better Business Beareau next.  This has already taken too much of my time.




Re: Cannot cancel service via internet

Correct, you MUST call in by phone to cancel. Woman Indifferent

 If you haven't paid for a couple months, it's effectively cancelled, however you owe them money and MUST return the equipment, BE SURE TO GET A RECEIPT!

. Doubt they will give anyone a break no matter what you're status

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Re: Cannot cancel service via internet

An account may be cancelled by phone or in person at any of our store locaitons.


Please do return the equipment and obtain a receipt for all equipment. 


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Re: Cannot cancel service via internet

supposedly TWC was allowing military personel the option to "suspend" service. There was a thread about that months ago, I can't find it. People do the same for "vacation" homes all the time


 Maybe someone else remembers the answer...proceedure.




Re: Cannot cancel service via internet

The problem is not limited to cancellation.  It is easy to expand service, but impossible to cut back on service on line.  Having spent many hours of my time dealing with poor internet service, I am furious that I have to call to make a simple change (decrease) in service.  Very clever from the point of view of maximizing income, but the practice reinforces the fact that Time Warner is not really interested in the customer.