Can't track data usage?

Up until a week ago I could track my data usage. For the past week I get this:  Why and how to fix??? Twitter helper JB said it would fix itself in 72 hours. They were wrong! 

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Re: Can't track data usage?

Are you a spectrum vs. TWC legacy customer?

 Did you just get an equipment or speed upgrade?



Re: Can't track data usage?

Spectrum internet. I dropped cable TV mid December. I was able to track data usage until last week until I got that screen.  Spectrum helper JB on Twitter said it would take 72 hours for it to start working again due to a  new billing period starting.  Not sure why that matters.  I was trying to solve this before calling them.   I know there's no data cap but I still like knowing my usage. Thanks for any help and replying. 


Re: Can't track data usage?

STILL having the problem. I even called them and they said it's a problem with their web site but I'm not buying it one bit.  No one here has any ideas? Why would I all of a sudden not be able to see and track my data anymore?

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Re: Can't track data usage?

Hi @tommyr


With several test accounts I am able to view usage. If you will contact us directly 

at Forums_Help


Please include your account number and your username.  In this case we would

want to login to your profile and view, try to duplicate what you are seeing to 

escalate this. 


What type of modem are you using? I am not finding information on this but 

perhaps it is the brand of modem being the difference.  I have tested accounts 

with Arris and Ubee modems so far. 


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