Cameras with a different provider

I have 6 IH cameras with the keypad and app on my phone to monitor them. I just found out that Charter will no longer be supporting IH.
Does anyone know or have experience if the existing cameras can be used with any other service where I can record from the cameras? Either to a cloud provider or an internal hard drive? I hate to have to purchase new cameras when I already have them. Thanks.

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probably, I need exact models... Are these wired or wireless and how do they get power?



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They are powered by PoE and are wireless to a TWC router in the house. The model is ICamera-1000.
They are the little square black ones. I once had one go out and bought one on EBay so I know there are other applications for them.
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@Smorrow0816  I would like to follow up on this. This is not 

accurate information. There are no plans to discontinue sales or 

support of our security product.


Please contact us directly at TWC_ForumsHelp with your account information 

so that we can forward this experience to management. 


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Any idea?

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Any idea or anyone else?

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This has also been told to me and from a very good source. Spectrum has NO security or automation offering. All IH will be supported until Specturm decided, but sales is to be suspended and sales of equipment will slow to a stop.


The local trucks already do not carry equipment listed on the IH Website. One example is the Siren Extender. I had to purchase one on eBay to meet my needs. The Phone Sales Department SOLD me one, and the Technician arrived and told me that they did not have them in the district and the district manager stated to him that they NEVER would again. The Flood Sensor is also not being sold going forward, but is listed prominently.


The disconnect between the phone support (TWC and IH) is degrading rapidly since the merger was announced. More and more of these poor customer service experiences are being reported and will continue to rise.


I would love to continue this discussion with your team.

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Thank you for the private message @CMIF. It is true that Charter/Spectrum did not carry security. However, I can assure you that that the issues with equipment should not be the case. I will need to gather further private information from you to have some more research done on this with our Intelligent Home support.


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sorry for the late reply but with the new forum firmware I have to manually look thru all the forums to see what needs a reply...

Here's a possible viewer ap: There's more available Woman Wink