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TCM has a feature called Watch TCM which allows viewers to either watch the channel live or pick from a list of movies that have aired within the last week. This has been going on for a few years but Time Warner Cable wasn't part of it.


So, finally with Spectrum I figured it would be a cinch since Charter Spectrum is listed as being among the partners (along with a buch of other cable companies).

But I keep getting an error message that either my user name or password are wrong, but they are the same ones that i use to get here, so what gives?

Thankis in advance.


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It's because you and I are notCharter Spectrum cussedtomers....

 We're TWC Spectrum and the 2 companies are not sharing anything, If you want Spectrum, go to the nearest TWC store and see if they'll transfer you.

 You cannot be on any TWC promo's. And beware, a lot is different, like no 6 tuner and WHDVR's allowed on Spectrum...



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@clore1030  As a TWC/Spectrum customer you would not be 

able to use a Charter/Spectrum login.   If you do not see TWC/Spectrum 

listed as an available provider you will not be able to login.


We apologize for the frustration this has caused you. 


Julia R.
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Thanks both of you for your responses. It would have been nice to have but since I never had it, no sense in crying about milk that hasn't been poured or even available to pour.


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The next obvious question is why hasn't TWC/Spectrum enabled the Watch TCM app through their company, or when will they enable it?  TCM is provided to us through our cable TV packages for which we as customers pay. Charter Spectrum offers it, so when is TWC/Spectrum going to enable the Watch TCM app? Thanks.


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As of this time, we do not have information to provide as to whether this will eventually be an option for our legacy TWC customers. We will have more information going forward once the transition is fully complete. 


-Melissa O.

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I really don't understand what's difficult about this.  This is becoming more of a high-interest app.  TWC should be able to give an estimated time for us to get this or an explanation of why we won't get it.  We certainly pay enough for cable service.  And you would think with so many other options to cable these days, TWC would be more forthcoming about this service.  

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Re: Watch TCM feature

Check out our updated Apps page here: Exclusive Spectrum Apps & Partner Apps




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