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Re: Watch TCM app

Well another year has come and gone and still the lunacy continues!  I pay Time Warner the better part of $2000 per year but cannot have access to the TMC watch app. Yet 2 bit telephone local cable subscribers all over the country can get it at a fraction of what I pay.


This is a perfect example of being totally deaf to your customers whilst maintaining that merging with Att is good for consumers.


The time was come Warner for me to cut the cable if there is no movement on this issue.


Re: Watch TCM app

Well another year + and the Spectrum merger complete and still no "Watch TCM" app access.
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Re: Watch TCM App

Please see updated App page: Exclusive Spectrum Apps & Partner Apps

Download: App Store | Google Play | Amazon | Watch Online

Turner Classic Movies presents WATCH TCM, an authenticated streaming service that allows you to enjoy unlimited access to the best of TCM, at no additional cost with your TV subscription. Not your ordinary "TV Everywhere" service, WATCH TCM is a content rich and in-depth movie companion that lets you experience the culture of Turner Classic Movies anytime, anywhere. So let's go, let's login and LET'S MOVIE. TWC ID required.