Turner apps on mobile devices

Why is Time Warner/ Spectrum not one of the hundreds of providers listed when I try to get CNN go, TBS, TNT, or TMC on my mobile devices?

Re: Turner apps on mobile devices

Because TWC won't pay them for access rights.



Re: Turner apps on mobile devices

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But wait...we're all just one big happy family now, right???  I guess that only applies to execs at the top and their profits...not we customers...I care not one bit for the nuances of licensing agreements...we're all one company now...all of us should have access to all of the streaming content that all the former separate businesses had.  Where is the "World-Class" product we keep hearing about in the incessant Welcome to Spectrum commercials they keep bombarding us with.  Where is the better for customers they promised when they were trying to get approval for the merger?  Is it the elimination of 6-tuner DVRs and Whole House, replaced with ancient 2-tuner DVR technology?  Is it better access to streaming content?'s...wait for it...higher prices...yay!!