I have a roku TV in the bedroom, where somehow I was able to sign in to watch on my Disney Channel roku ap. ..I clearly remember having to select charter-spectrum bc there was no option for TWO spectrum...somehow it navigated me correctly to login to two and from there the app was able to verify my account. I use the Disney Channel roku app in my bedroom frequently I decided to set it up on my roku stick on the living room tv...I have had no luck...the charter spectrum is the only option and it no longer helps to navigate me to the twc spectrum log in.

I'm frustrated and disappointed. Our on demand service sucks, so this is how I am able to get shows on demand...and now it's not working where I need it there a trick or a step I am missing?? Cannot figure out why one roku app allows full access and another doesn't. ..



Don't mess with the box that works.

The roku's need to use the TWC/ spectrum login, the charter spectrum is a different one.

 Are you in an old Charter or a TWC area?

Did you switch your service from TWC to Spectrum?