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Problems signing in to partner apps...

This has been an ongoing problem since we upgraded our service and so far, after 5 different calls to customer service, all which resulted in the issue being "escalated" to the tech team, the problem still has not been resolved. Please help.
Some of the partner apps (mobile apps through the Google play Store on a Samsung Galaxy tab s2) I am able to log in just fine and use as I should be able, such as: discovery go, ID go, animal Planet go, lifetime and tlc go.
However there are several apps that after I download and get into the app, when I try to log in, after selecting my provider of time warner cable | spectrum, I get hung up on a screen with the following message "Please wait while we send you to your provider log in... " but the screen never moves, never sends me anywhere, so I am unable to login and unable to use the benefits of these apps. The main reason I want access to these apps (which I should have access to with my paid subscription as they are partnered and in some cases premium channels which have an additional cost) is to watch episodes and seasons that are not available on the spectrum app. I keep being told to just use the spectrum app if the others aren't working, but what I want to watch is not always available there and there is no reason that this can't be and shouldn't be fixed. A few of the partner applications I am experiencing this problem with are: HBO now, SHO anytime, Fox now, NBC, AMC, fx now and there are a few others that I have deleted the apps for and don't remember.
I contacted customer support for one of the apps and they told me that the problem was a twc|spectrum web support issue due to an expired certificate which was likely flagged as unsafe due to it being expired. And as I was experiencing this same issue on several different apps, twc|spectrum would need to be contacted to correct the problem.
So here I am, 5 escalated calls later (all on different days) with 5 different support reps who were unable to help and not one of them bothered to follow up (and yes the last 2 promised they would follow up, the last one from 2 weeks ago, his name was Tony) , at least 7-10 hours collectively on those calls, yet no solution and I still cannot log in.
I have been told they were being escalated and I should be able to log in within 24-48 hours, one said it could take up to a week, a variety of different time frames for the escalation, but never an actual call with someone on the "tech" team or any follow - up. I don't want to become a pest, but I want some assistance with being able to log in to these partner apps, as I should be able to, to use part of the service we pay for.
I would welcome help/advice from anyone at this point. And in addition would love to hear from others who may also be experiencing, or have experienced, this problem, to hear about what you have done or how you resolved this.
Thanks in advance!

Re: Problems signing in to partner apps...

Sounds frustrating. Maybe the twc login page is hung up. The only thing I can recommend is deleting your cookies and cache. That may give you a clean slate.

Re: Problems signing in to partner apps...

Are you trying to sign in as a Charter Spectrum customer? Those don't work, you must use the TWC Spectrum one.

Also, you may need to change your passwors if you switched from Legacy TWC to Spectrum., they are still treated as 5 or more seperate companies rather than one under Spectrum.