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No More ESPN3 Online?

I used to be able to watch the ESPN channels online (ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, etc.) via ESPN's website. But for the past month or so I haven't been able to. I contacted ESPN and they said it was Spectrum's decision. I called Spectrum and was told that they stopped the service. Why didn't they tell their subscribers? It's common courtesy and would have saved me a lot of time waiting on hold or waiting weeks to get an email returned. There are certain sports that ESPN airs on their online channel ESPN3 only. And now I won't be able to watch them anymore thanks to Spectrum. I don't know why Spectrum dropped the service, they didn't think were important enough to inform us. *Spectrum, please make ESPN3 available again.!

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Re: No More ESPN3 Online?

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You should be able to login without issue First load


The page will come up with a somewhat large picture in the middle with a play icon:



 After you do that you should see Spectrum listed:



 Once you click on the Spectrum Icon you should be re-directed to this screen:



Once you have logged in you should no longer see the Key on the lower left side:



If this is not what you are seeing I encourage you to get in contact with us directly for further investigation.


 Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum


Please include:

1. Your account number for verification

2. Your service address

3. Your username


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