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I am aware of the ongoing issues of watching certain netowrks online especially when they have charter credentials and not twc. What I am writing about today is a little more confusing. I was going through the TWC supplied automated help robot thing and asking about NFL network and other networks and was directed to this link:


When you go to this link, there is another one that takes you to all supported apps. Scrolling down you can see that NFL network is available via web browser, apple tv, and xbox through TWC services. Going to the nfl network page and this is not the case.


So my question is, if I am directed from a TWC web service to a list of supported TV apps, why am I not allowed to log in and watch? Either the website is lying to me or we are close to getting all services under Spectrum. Which one is it?



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Re: NFL Network


Our Partner Apps site is here:    Partner Apps



We are not at this time a partner with the NFL application. I am uncertain why

the Virtual Assistant directed you to the Charter/Spectrum website, this 

will be investigated. 


We do thank you for bringing this to our attention!


Have a good rest of the day!


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