When will the merger with Charter and TWC allow us TWC folks watch CNN on the CNN app? The only news sources I can watch on the go currently are BBC or Spectrum news.

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there is no merger with Charter, If you're an OLD TWC customer, the new company is Spectrum . Don't go jumping off TWC legact to Spectrum though, they're making many false statements to get you to change, and to get the same tv channels will cost you more than quoted, they may even be promissing CNN on line,Free movie channels,  free drugs, whateverRobot Mad


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This post will probably be removed, but a competitor ISP is overbuilding in my neighborhood.  They are pulling new fiber and will be online in 4-6 months.  I'm gone the instant they light up my area.  Better channel lineup, faster Internet speeds, DOCSIS 3.1, FTTH and eventually gigabit,  FULL STREAMING ACCESS, BOTH AT HOME AND AWAY, owned in my home state with local customer service, and LOWER PRICES.  After years of poor service, constant price hikes, and non-responsive customer support from TWC and now Spectrum, I'll have an option.  Amazing what a bit of competition will do.  I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, (and it ain't an oncoming train!)

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