Bulk account customer and 3rd party apps

So  a bulk account customer (basic cableTV service included in their HOA), even though they have ESPN included in their service, wouldn't be able to use an app like WatchESPN since they

don't have an account with Spectrum (and thus, nothing to authenticate with)  just wanted to be clear on that....

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Re: Bulk account customer and 3rd party apps


 Updated post:    It has been pointed out to me that under some circumstances you would have access to some of our 3rd party applications. One of these situations would be if your HOA or Bulk account were for partial services. For instance, if you had only the basic package of channels through your HOA or Bulk account but you subscribe to HBO and a higher tier of service and are billed separately, you would have an invoice, would have the option to create a username and password to manage the account and to use with those 3rd party Partner applications.  In some markets we are able to create an account for the individual which would then provide access to the apps for the channels that the Bulk or HOA account is subscribed. For more information on availability we encourage you to phone in 1-800-892-4357. 


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Re: Bulk account customer and 3rd party apps

In Lincoln, NE where the conversion to all digital is rolling out this month (everyone by August 1 ),  bulk customers are being told they HAVE to establish an account with Spectrum in order to

get a STB (at least in one of the 55+ complexes).. This includes those who simply had a from the wall hookup and did not have an account.....maybe it's different for other facilities....