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Re: IPv6 in Newark, Ohio?

The technicians I have talked to at TWC have told me that IPV6 is a waste of time and that they don't support it.


Re: IPv6 in Newark, Ohio?

lol. Maybe that's why they are still technicians.


Re: IPv6 in Newark, Ohio?

if you bypass the router, the gui changes to

With a router it's

 6183's now have a working IPv6 firmware, 6141's work well but if twc goes more than 16 channels , it exceeds the 6141's acceptance bandwidth of which TWC has no clue what issues that creates, it's their CMTS that has isssues setting modem channels and not the customers modem, unless it's an old 4x4 like a 6121 that will only span 6 channels or so.