i got fooled

i dont know if there are any body in charge, but here is a complain. 


my home internet got hacked and i cannot keep my old IP, i told online chat and they would help. 


on 08/15,  Uday Kumar U told me my IP will be renewed on 08/19. but nothing happened. 

on 08/19, i asked customer service again, they apologized and said will be renewed on 08/23.


on 08/23, i contaced again, supervisor Saikalyan Y. told me , it's not change-able.


Why did the other two people told me it will be renewed and i was like an idoiot waiting??!???


anybody here solve the problem ?  


Re: i got fooled

Change to a different mfg of router, the first 6 of the mac change usually forces a new public ip... and run malwarebytes, clear oiut saved webpages/ cache as well.

It will not fix email hacks


Re: i got fooled

You did not indicate what type of equipments you have. Some stand alone routers allow you to  release the IP then when you renew it, you'd get a new one. Or you can unplug your modem/router for couple days in the off chance that that IP would be assigned to someone else and you'd end up with a new one.