Underground service from the street, why is this so hard?

I have spent the last couple of days trying to convince Spectrum that they don't understand my request and are completely overcomplicating my situation.


I am building a house in Russell, OH.  TWC has a pedistal at the end of my driveway.  From there it is 250' to the house.  I'm digging the utility trench tomorrow, having it inspected Wednesday and backfilling the same day.  I'm trying to get Spectrum to supply a spool of direct burial RG-11 and I keep getting told that they won't start my service until there is electricity in the home.  At that point I remind the agent who keeps saying "I understand sir" (they don't) that the same trench that has the power for the house will also have the Spectrum feed in it.  I even placed an order to see if that would trigger someone from construction to say "hey we need to get a wire in this guys trench while its open".  No luck there, the tech cam eout a day early nowing it was a new street and left leaving an agent to call me and tell me to call for service when I moved in.


Finally went to a Spectrum service center and made some progress.  The agent there got somebody on the phone that said a survey will take 60 days to 4 months at which point they can install the cable. You read that right 2-4 months.


So my conclusion is that Spectrum would:

-Rather pay the added construction costs of directional boring or plowing in their cable months from now rather than just show up and put two ends on an existing RG-11

-Take the risk of hitting my gas, power and phone that will already be installed

-Continue to frustrate me as a consumer by running their equipment around my property

-Re-excavate at the street after the phone company and the power company will have already done so (all three services are within 1' of each other.

-Loose out on the service they could be selling me during the 9 months of construction


A technician can drive by and drop off a spool of direct burial and we are done.

What am I missing?

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Re: Underground service from the street, why is this so hard?

Go to Home Depot and buy a spool of it yourself. They won’t just drop it off because that cable needs to be attached to a work order, and it’s too early in the game. A tech could be charged for the cable out of his own pocket.

I have friends who used to work for the phone company, and they came down on lineman for using stock without proper accounting.

Re: Underground service from the street, why is this so hard?

Save the Hassle, buy it yourself..

 Solid Signal will sell partial spools... Or buy a 500' one and drop 2 cables in the trench

At 250' however, I'd prefer to see hardline...



Re: Underground service from the street, why is this so hard?

install pipe and pull later Pipe is also cheap insurance if you need to replace or update later . Just make sure the pipe is large enough ,also use wide sweep 90's. My house is feed in pipe underground 235' I ran 1" pipe wish I had larger .!' would only hold rg/11 should have had a hard line now I have a amp that would not be needed if a hardline would fit !! BTW later spectrum will lay the cable on the ground for you to bury at your leasure