Second router setup with a VPN

Hello all, I have an ARRIS TG1672G router from Spectrum as a main router for the internet. I received an ASUS RT-AC1900(same as the rt-68u) for my birthday that I would like to setup with a VPN. Can anyone tell me how to hook up the ASUS as the second router for the VPN with the settings I will need to set or change on the ARRIS and/or ASUS to get it to work? PLEASE DO THIS STEP BY STEP. Thanks


Re: Second router setup with a VPN

Get rid of the first router... put it in bridged mode and turn off the wireless in it.

Then follow the instructions for the second router,  set it to auto detect WAN settings

You may need to call TWC to bridge the 1672... some won't lock user changes...



Re: Second router setup with a VPN

Are you going to use a commmercial VPN for privacy or are you going to use it as a secured way to access your own network remotely?